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Electrical Services


LOW VOLTAGE PANELS Cable trenching and panel base will have been prepared prior to delivering the Main Panel to site. The Panels will be checked for signs of physical damage. The Panels will be mounted in position and the low voltage cables terminated using the appropriate cable glands. Where the cable entering through the gland plate is single core then they will not enter through individual holes unless the gland plate is non-

DISTRIBUTION BOARDS All cable terminations in the distribution boards will be identified with appropriate cable ferrules showing the circuit number. Any spare way on the DB not utilised by mcb’s will have appropriate blanking covers. All cables will be neatly loomed  A circuit chart will be fixed to the inside of the door. It will be laminated for durability.

CONDUIT INSTALLATION PVC conduit and accessories will be of high quality. Dignity brand will be our standard. Conduits shall enter DBs, back boxes via a male bush and coupling, All conduits will be run either vertically or horizontally. All conduits entering conduit boxes or couplings will be glued using the appropriate adhesive. Conduits fixed surface on the soffit will be held in place by the correct saddles. Conduits buried in walls or screed will be inspected and approved before being covered up. All buried conduits will have drawn strings pulled in as soon as practical.

CABLE TRAY  Cable Tray will be fixed using appropriate hangers, fixing bolts and brackets. All sections of tray will be connected using the correct fish plates. All sections of tray will have the earth continuity enforced by an earth link across each section. The ends of the cable tray will be connected to earth.

CABLES & WIRES The cables will be checked on arrival for any signs of physical damage. The cables will be tested for continuity and insulation prior to being installed. If buried in the ground we shall ensure that the cable trenching is a minimum of 600mm deep, t hat all sharp objects have been removed from the trench, and that the cable is laying on a 50mm bed of soft sand with another 50mm layer of sand on top.  The cable will be terminated in the equipment by using the correct gland kits. After lugging and before final connection the cable insulation will be tested using a 500volt megger. All trenching cable laying will be inspected and approved before backfilling. All cables will be run from a cable drum mounted on jacks. The cable will be pulled from the top of the drum only. For long runs in trenching cable rollers will be used to avoid damage. Permanent Identification Labels will be attached to cable ends.

LUMINAIRES Samples of each type of light fitting will be installed as soon as practical in order to check suitability of fixing materials Where light fittings are mounted on an exposed grid suspended ceiling then the final connection will be made by a 3 core flex from a ceiling rose mounted on the conduit box. All light fittings will be earthed.  

COMMISSIONING The following commissioning tests will be carried out and witnessed by the clients representative.

High Voltage Pressure Test of 11KV Panel bus bars   Primary & Secondary Injection Tests of 11KV Pane  High Voltage    Pressure Test of 11KV Cable   Insulation Test of LV cable using 500v megger   Continuity of ring circuits using continuity tester  Loop impedance test of 13A ring circuits    RCD tripping test where appropriate.   Polarity Test of all circuits    Smoke Detector test where appropriate using artificial aerosol smoke.